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Over the last decade, Sean Edwards has built a team of industry leaders to design, deploy and support turnkey PropTech solutions for his clients in the mid-Atlantic region.

How Sean Edwards Has Changed the PropTech Game in Philadelphia

Sean Edwards is the President of Rittenhouse Communications Group (RCG), which offers a variety of systems tailored to the multi-family and hospitality sectors. RCG’s goal is to provide single pane of glass redundant building technology solutions for a single asset, or a nationwide portfolio. These offerings include:

Services That RCG Provides

When Sean Edwards started his career, he realized many companies weren’t set up seamlessly transition between their cellular and conventional phone systems.  Without a reliable platform the end-user experience suffers. He, along with RCG, helps design seamless integration between the desk phone, PC and mobile device to fully unify communications across all platforms within a business.

Sean Edwards and the team at RCG are experts in design and deployment of integrated audio, video, and lighting systems for both multi-family, hospitality and corporate clients in the Philadelphia region. With the future ready designs by Sean and the RCG team, clients can enjoy the advantages of not having to rely on multiple interfaces and outdated systems when it comes to managing video, audio, and lighting.

Rittenhouse Communications Group understands the importance of maintaining video surveillance of business assets. That’s why, with the help of Sean Edwards, RCG provides smart and secure video management systems that are fully supported, cloud-capable, and offer analytics with integrated AI software.

The network services team at RCG uses building plans and heat mapping software to design custom Wi-Fi solutions for MDU assets. Combining state-of-the-art software, and enterprise grade hardware with thoroughly planned layouts, Mr. Edwards and RCG offer developments the ability to have reliable internet connectivity throughout any size or type of building layout.

Having a robust and future ready network backbone that can be easily scaled for the technology of the tomorrow is critical to every business. Without properly designed network infrastructure, companies would struggle to maintain the proper bandwidth and security throughout the facility. Under the leadership of Sean Edwards, RCG designs, installs and supports low-voltage cabling, network equipment with both ISP and power backups for optimized and redundant networks. This reduces downtime and ensures that all systems communicate throughout the entire facility.

Securing a building is critical. Rittenhouse Communications Group designs turn key, redundant access control platforms which utilize best in class software and proven hardware solutions for apartment buildings, commercial assets and hotels with both traditional credentials and mobile access.

Managing a hotel or other organization that specializes in hospitality is no easy task. That’s why Mr. Edwards and Rittenhouse Communications Group offer streamlined solutions for guest check-in and other hospitality-related tasks. With their focus on “front desk free’ initiatives, you can be assured that RCG focuses solely on the needs of its clients with custom-designed management resource systems.

Prop Key by RCG is the Smart Building App that integrates connected building systems and IoT functions in a seamless user experience.

The Advantages of Working With Sean Edwards of Rittenhouse Communications Group

Sean Edwards is a premier technology innovator. He has built Rittenhouse Communications Group into a leading white-glove service provider for those clients that wish to integrate an efficient, effective, and adaptable technology into their buildings. Working directly with architects and stakeholders, Sean Edwards promises a client-driven customized approach to every project RCG does.

Throughout the design process, Mr. Edwards and his team maintain constant contact with their clients as they engineer the package. Each system is based on the client’s needs today and tomorrow. Rittenhouse Communications Group works to ensure that future changes in technology can be integrated seamlessly into their designed system. That way, clients have peace of mind knowing that floorplan expansions or alterations won’t require extensive rework of their communication system.


Following procurement of the necessary hardware and software components, certified technicians employed by Rittenhouse Communications Group install the new system. All systems are thoroughly tested prior to launch ensuring complete customer satisfaction with the set up.


Finally, Mr. Edwards has always stressed the importance of having his clients thoroughly understand the proper operation of their new communications systems. The RCG team provides detailed training for system accessibility and execution. Account management and client support teams are also placed on standby for any questions that may arise.

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What Businesses Can Benefit From Working With Sean Edwards and RCG in Philadelphia, PA?

As President of one of the region’s leading boutique technology integration companies in Philadelphia, PA, Sean Edwards makes it his mission to design and install bespoke building security and technology solutions for a wide range of businesses. Rittenhouse Communications Group partners with several different verticals, including multi-family, mixed use commercial, and hospitality assets. By catering to the needs of developers and property owners, Sean Edwards ensures that each of his clients have the future ready  hardware and software solutions they need to make their assets safer, smarter and connected.

Each project begins with a deep-dive to discover client goals and objectives. Once a game plan has been established, Sean Edwards and his team collaborate directly with architects, general contractors, and other stakeholders to create an adaptable system that exceeds client expectations.

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Design for the Future With RCG and Their President, Mr. Sean Edwards of Philadelphia, PA

With Sean Edwards and his team at Rittenhouse Communications Group, developers of multi-family, mixed-use commercial and hospitality assets can prepare for the future with unified and adaptable technology solutions. Mr. Edwards works tirelessly with his clients to ensure that their needs are and will be met when it comes to the design and operation of their properties.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Sean Edwards and Rittenhouse Communications Group can do for your business, make sure to contact their team today.

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