Sean Edwards


About Sean Edwards

As founder and president of Rittenhouse Communications Group, Sean Edwards, is a local leader in integrated building technology systems. Under Sean’s direction, the goal of Rittenhouse Communications Group is to provide their clients with cutting edge integrated technology packages that solve their problems and add value to assets. The team at RCG has over twenty years of experience making buildings safer, smarter and connected, Sean Edwards has been able to lead RCG to success by designing and implementing scalable, future ready systems for developers, property management companies and builders throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Sean’s interest in communications began early in his life. As a fan of Star Trek, Mr. Edwards took a great interest in emerging technologies and how they could impact our lives. “I’ve always had a passion for technology and was always buying the latest and greatest smart home items,” states Mr. Edwards. His fascination led him to the realization that multi-family and boutique hospitality developments lacked cohesive integrated systems. Overlapping vendors, non-standardized hardware and conflicting technology initiatives that were haphazardly done as an afterthought led to clunky and inefficient services.


By developing a company that utilized a diverse staff of technologists, project management professionals, and installation experts, he’s been able to build a business that has become a leader in PropTech. Sean Edwards prides himself on offering unique insights into technology packages that are customized to suit the needs of any organization.

Sean Edwards: The Man Behind the Curtain

As previously mentioned, Sean’s interest in technology began at an early age. His first real sales experience came from Tweeter, a high end HiFi dealer where he worked with builders and developers to design and implement custom audio-visual systems. This experience provided Sean with the foundation for what would later become his life’s passion.

Relentlessly pursuing success in his field, Sean also moonlighted selling Nextel phones. He continued to build his additional knowledge in the communications field, furthering his advancement in the industry. Over two decades later, Mr. Edwards finds himself managing one of the premier boutique building technology companies in the region, catering to both multi-family and boutique hospitality assets.

When he’s not running his business, Sean is an avid boating enthusiast that often enjoys taking trips to the Chesapeake. He is also an accomplished chef who attended culinary school and continues to pursue his passion for cooking. Second only to his love of communications systems, Sean’s interest in the culinary arts led him to become the head chef of a restaurant at the age of 21.

Additionally, Sean Edwards is proud of his biracial heritage. It has given him unique insight into the challenges faced by minority-business owners and what it takes to be successful in today’s rapidly changing corporate environment.

Sean Edwards and Philanthropy

Sean Edwards is also involved in multiple philanthropic projects throughout the region. His philanthropy extends to the arts, public safety initiatives, and improving the quality of life for his fellow community members. Sean realized early on in his professional career that giving back to the community was an integral part of being in business. Through philanthropic initiatives, business owners create a stronger outcome for everyone within the community.

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Sean Edwards and his team at Rittenhouse Communications Group provide custom solutions for their clients. Under his direction, internal design and engineering teams work in tandem to provide the best PropTech solutions for their clients. That’s why businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic trust Rittenhouse Communications Group when they need proven methods to improve and scale their assets. Contact Sean Edwards today to learn about how RCG can make your building Safer, Smarter, and Connected.