Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards: Innovator and People-Focused Leader

Sean Edwards is a technology enthusiast and the President of Rittenhouse Communications Group, LLC, an innovative building technology company that focuses on business success through communication. Edwards has always been inspired by the limitless possibilities of technology and how it can solve real-world problems.

Growing up watching Star Trek, Edwards was fascinated by the advanced ideas presented in the show that became reality years later with smart watches and tablets. As an integrator, he thrives on working with best-in-class products to design custom prop tech solutions for his clients, empowering them to succeed through communication.

Edwards began his career in the restaurant industry, developing self-discipline and the ability to stay calm in high-stress environments. He values the importance of first impressions and kindness, and focuses on hiring people who are passionate about their work and supporting them in their roles. He finds inspiration in his clients’ forward-thinking attitudes and their desire to experiment with new technology.

Under Edwards’ leadership, Rittenhouse Communications Group has launched its new multi-family mobile application, integrating all the best real-world prop tech applications to provide a seamless experience for clients. The company is currently building out their innovation center 2.0, which will showcase a wide range of innovative technologies. In addition, they’ve recently launched a new sister company and have partnered with leading providers to bring broadband connectivity to yachts and remote locations, keeping assets safe, smart, and connected.

At Rittenhouse Communications Group, the focus is on creating custom solutions tailored to each client’s needs to achieve the best possible results. Edwards’ leadership and people-focused approach are key factors in Rittenhouse Communications Group’s success and continued innovation. Check out their website to learn more about their services and how they can help your business succeed.

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