Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards: Redefining Building Technology Integration

Rittenhouse Communications Group (RCG), led by Sean Edwards, has established itself as a leading building technology integrator that provides customized solutions for multi-family developers and hospitality projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. With the slogan “safer, smarter, and more connected,” RCG has collaborated with prominent project partners over the past ten years to redefine the industry […]

Sean Edwards: Innovator and People-Focused Leader

Sean Edwards is a technology enthusiast and the President of Rittenhouse Communications Group, LLC, an innovative building technology company that focuses on business success through communication. Edwards has always been inspired by the limitless possibilities of technology and how it can solve real-world problems. Growing up watching Star Trek, Edwards was fascinated by the advanced […]

Sean Edwards: Leading Rittenhouse Communications Group to Success

As the President of Rittenhouse Communications Group, Sean Edwards has helped the boutique telecommunications and technology firm become a top player in their industry. Edwards’ dedication to his mission, passion for his work, and extensive experience have set him apart as a leader in the field. Who is Sean Edwards? Sean Edwards is the President […]